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The aims of this Website are simple; to be informative, entertaining and useful. Gardening is as fascinating a subject as it is a pastime. Having said that, the know-how required to improve and look after your garden can be quite daunting to begin with! On this site I will try to simplify not only the tasks involved, but the background knowledge as well.

For your convenience, there is a Sitemap with a complete page list for you to navigate the site from one index page. There are pages covering the basics behind the soil, the plant, the wildlife and the seasons. There are ideas for planting combinations, a selection of plants to give interest at various times of the year, a Garden Focus section covering a variety of topics and much, much more besides!

It would be great to hear your comments! Use the Contact link to get in touch or the Guest Book if you would like to leave feedback. If you have any problems in your garden I may be able to help you with, then please let me know; in order to help others visiting the site your question and my response may be archived on the Garden Questions page.

The internet is a rich source of knowledge and information. In keeping with the original beliefs behind it, I would like this website to continue to remain free and be available to be used by everyone regardless of their bank balance! However, I would ask that you consider using the search facilities provided here when you browse the web and should you wish to shop on Amazon.co.uk, you do so from the links provided on this website. There is more information regarding this on the Terms & Conditions.

I hope you find the site useful and your visit is as enjoyable for you as it is for me creating the site! DavidH.

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