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WttG News

April 2010
As part of GardenFocus, I have included a section on choosing plants for the garden. Called Plants for Places, the section features thirteen plant lists, with ten plants in each list. The plants I have chosen are good at coping with anything from full sun to little sun, to damp soil to dry soil - I think you get what I mean!

February 2010
A visitor to WttG suggested there should be somewhere to leave feedback if they wanted to – so there is now a GuestBook!

June 2009
I feel there should be additional material and advice on WttG that is available exclusively to the learners attending the courses I cover. I guess it should have some form of protected access, so I need to have a think!

May 2009
There is now a section called - Garden Focus. It highlights various gardening delights, such as plants, features and topics. There will also be a Questions link should a visitor have a problem with their garden.

May 2008
I have now included a link called WTTG visitors gardens. The thinking behind it is that visitors might like to see photos of their own garden on the site. I hope the pictures do come in – it would be great to see them!

April 2008
Included a link on to the NPTC courses I help run at Writtle College and the Promenade Park in Maldon.

March 2008
I have began including a selection of links in order to try and raise some revenue to help fund the sites continued development.

February 2008
A Window to the Garden featured as a gardening section on my website called - It gained it's independence and become a website in it's own right today!



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