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I specialise in producing basic, easy to navigate and clearly written websites for the small business, establishment or service. The complexity of your design, the amount of text, the number of pages and the time taken to produce the graphics would affect the ultimate cost of your website.

A standard website, with six pages would cost a one-off payment of approximately £350.


If you required a larger website please contact me for a personal quote.


The costs involved when registering your domain name and hosting your site are normally in the region of £100 per year.


Adding more pages to your site once it is up and running will depend on the work involved, but is usually about £25.


Updates also depend on the work involved. When the client provides the text for inserting it will be about £20 depending on time taken.

If you require just the graphics for your existing website that is not a problem. You could have the graphics you use modified or new graphics created to either replace or supplement your site. The price would vary depending on each graphic.

You pay a ONE-OFF payment for your website

A small website, as illustrated by the example page adjacent, with a modest amount of text and imagery and up to eight pages would cost about £350 including registration and hosting.

The title and/or logo are at the top and the navigational links are situated down the left hand margin. The information area fits neatly underneath the title area, and to the right of the navigation links. Click on the example for more details (opens in a new window).

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Welcome to a website that features creative solutions for the House, PC and Garden.

Whether your looking for a website, a painting or ideas and inspiration for the garden - you will find it all within a few clicks!

Web design is featured on this section, the links below have other creative ideas:

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