Painting Demonstration

The Acrylic on stretched canvas board used for the demo was a commission. The size was 406 x 305mm x 35mm.

A white cloth for protection, board coated in the same emulsion used for the wall the painting is to hang on and paints at hand - Lets get started!

The background wash - cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson and white.

With enough water mixed in to give a flowing, transparent texture - using a fan brush, I loosely spread the colour around to cover the required area.

With a damp cloth I blend out the perimeter of the painted area.

I then leave the painting about ten minutes to dry.

More white added to the paint mixture ready to mix in.

This is used to highlight the horizon area of the scene.

A fresh mixture now - raw sienna, alizarin crimson and white and again, enough water to make a 'thin' mix.

I continue to define and highlight the horizon area. When satisfied I leave the painting to dry.

Time to start building up the groundwork - to begin, raw sienna and ultramarine blue.

Just a tiny amount of water, a quick mix, small firm brush and a loose action.

I work quickly to create the vegetation, hills and mud flats.

Burnt sienna and ultramarine blue now.

As I continue building up and defining the groundwork.

Raw sienna, ultramarine blue and azo yellow medium.

I used this combination to define and highlight the vegetation.

Burnt umber, raw sienna and alizarin crimson... add depth to the foreground.

Ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson and white.

Time to add the hard landscaping! A base coat of loosely mixed paint first.

Ultramarine blue, raw umber, raw sienna, alizarin crimson and white.

I continue to define and highlight the buildings and structures.

I work quickly, keeping my work loose.

Ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, raw sienna, alizarin crimson and white...

...the combination used for the reflections in the water.

Adding the highlights in the reflection.

Ultramarine blue and burnt sienna...

...for the all important signature!

'The Hythe3' is born!
I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my work, it was fun to do - perhaps I may produce more demo's in the future!
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