The Art of Design
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We pretty much take it for granted, but whether it is a book, poster, label or for that matter website, they all thrive on visual stimulation.

The layout, type of imagery and even the type of font used for the text for a website for example, make a difference to the overall browsing experience. With a website in mind, I personally prefer an uncomplicated layout that is complemented by the graphics.

The images I use for a website are created especially for the site. I never use the same graphic on more than one website. They are as unique as the site they are going in to!

Original computer aided designed web graphics & templates
Alternative Banner 2008
My Logo Banner 2007
Background Headline Banner 2007 Graphic 2006 - 07
Contact Banner 2006 - 07

Here are just a few examples of the hundreds of graphics I have produced over the years.

Please contact me if you would like me to create your logo, web graphic or template and I would be happy to give you a price. Logo 2005 'The Rosie Series' Logo 2006 - 07
'Joda & Rose' Cartoon Figures 2006 - 07 Logo 2006 - 07

The photo to the right is my picture of St. Mary's Church Maldon, as viewed from Promenade Park.

It formed the inspiration for this website's logo.

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Welcome to a website that features creative solutions for the House, PC and Garden.

Whether your looking for a website, a painting or ideas and inspiration for the garden - you will find it all within a few clicks!

Web design is featured on this section, the links below have other creative ideas:

Window to the Garden

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