Personalized Paintings

As can be seen by these photographs, the PictureDecor range can easily be integrated to the interior decoration of any room.

In this example the painting colours harmonize with the colours of the room, in fact the canvas was first painted with the very emulsion paint used for the walls!

With the shape of the picture contrasting with the right angles within the room, the overall effect is very pleasing.

The painting itself is based on the photo below - my wife and our greyhound, Rosie.

The colours in these paintings are again in harmony with the room and also with each other.

What you cannot see in this photograph is the view through the window of the garden outside, which is reflected within the scene of the paintings - all be it loosely!

Here is another painting that uses the same colour as the wall for the background. The picture has been based on the photo below.
The photo to the left illustrates the effect created by combining one of my favourite colours - orange! The mood created by echoing the colours of the room within the painting on the wall is one of unity with a hint of vibrancy!
It's not always about unity and harmony. The vitality and rich colours of the paintings within the PictureDecor range can be used to create many contrasting moods - as can be seen here with the same painting.

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