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Pet Commissions

Have you ever wondered what makes art so personal?

When we look at a painting, we view it in a different way. As such, it can be hard to put a finger on why one painting is more appealing than another. Some of us try to decipher it's 'story', or marvel at the intricacy. Others love the colours used and some are able to reflect on a mood or memory the painting may evoke. For many of us... it just looks nice! There are also those that dare I say, are simply looking at the name of the artist and how collectable they are or may be!

I use only the very best quality paper, canvas, watercolour paint, gouache paint, acrylic paint or oil pastels.
• All the paintings you see in my Gallery are original - not prints.
• There is always the option of commissioning a painting.
• Prices includes postage and will be sent Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.

I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings as much as I have enjoyed painting them!

Picture Decor (Canvas Boards)
Traditional Paintings
Traditional (Mount & Frame)


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East Anglia
East Anglia Paintings (Traditional)
Looking after your Painting
Looking after your Painting

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