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Before you asked me, or for that matter anyone else to help with your website, you will need to have an idea of its general appearance. A lot would depend on your site's purpose and objectives - is your site retail or informative for example? You should aim to deliver your site systematically, logically, concisely and in an entertaining manner. Personally speaking, I like a website to be 'clean' without fuss or frills.

You will need to think of a name for your website (its domain name) and register this to protect it.

The content of your website - the text and photographs - would need to be supplied by you - this is normally done in the form of emails with JPEG attachments. I will produce the website graphics and templates. The text, photographs and graphics would then be manipulated to produce the pages of the site.

You will then have a website ready to be published on the web and the importance of reliable hosting will become apparent. I am unable to offer hosting personally, but I can arrange for this to be done for you.

I produce the images and templates individually for each site

Would you want a traditional look to your website - this has the navigation links to the left - or perhaps you would prefer them to be on the right? You may like to go for a something a bit different with the links down the centre.

Traditional Left

Traditional Left


Traditional Right



Here are a few style options. Whilst the examples I have used give an idea of the main styles of website, there are many variations. I aim to create a site with a relaxing atmosphere under the belief that simplicity is often the best policy!

CALM - Ref. No. WS 04 AUTHORITATIVE - Ref. No. WS 05
VIBRANT - Ref. No. WS 06 BOLD - Ref. No. WS 07

You should aim for a style that suits your service, products or information.

If any of this interests you as a possible style for your site, then please quote the style's name and reference number in your correspondence.

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